A brief history of AW Wines


Andrew Wilson leaves Bass PLC where he had been Commercial Manager of their French company Château Lascombes for five years to launch Andrew Wilson Wines (AWW), a UK wine import agency supplying major retailers and the Duty Free sector.


AW Wines take on further prestige agencies for the UK and Andrew travels a lot seeking out new agencies and suppliers and also customers all across the UK.


Clare joins the business after a successful career in sales. Having sold everything from from cars to hair rollers – wine should be no problem! They start a small ‘friends and family’ mail order wine service, just for fun...


Business expands and mail orders grow by the day. As more and more friends buy wine, Andrew and Clare host their first private clients wine tasting sessions in Birmingham.


Andrew is spending more and more time abroad handling the agency business, which is great as he finds lots of ‘ace’ parcels of wine along the way. Private sales double in a year.


​AW Wines is incorporated into a Private Limited Company. Andrew and Clare are the sole directors (to this day). AW Wines takes on its first salesman, quickly followed by another...


AW Wines’s agency business starts to decline (another story) but the mail order business continues to grow. The company launches its first website and starts trading online. Andrew and Clare seriously consider moving to France...


​The decision is taken to move further into consumer retailing and the Old School House, Tittensor is taken on as a new base for AW Wines (instead of moving to France). This also incorporates face-to-face consumer retailing. Old School Wines is born!


Old School Wines grows rapidly as a retail shop and as a strong presence in North Staffordshire is established, shop staff are now needed. Lots and lots of tastings are organised including one held in hot tubs!


​Old School launches a full e-commerce website to further improve their presence online. Online retail trade grows rapidly. Agency sales are closed down. New shop staff are recruited... the wheel keeps turning!


​Old School’s retail sales grows further and exhibits at its first food and drink festival and runs a series of outside events, wine maker dinners in order to further attract new customers. Online continues to grow. Joshua Wilson (son) joins the business.


Old School embark upon an ambitious series of weekly wine tasting evenings at the Old School House plus similar outside events. Old school host their first outside function and take the decision to go after more outside function trade and weddings and functions become part of the services offered. Ben Jones joins the business (for the first time).


As the credit crunch bites AW Wines diversify into outside events with more weddings and more outside functions than ever before, but Old School Wines remains at the beating heart.


AW Wines is awarded the contract for Chillington Hall, Brewood as sole supplier of drinks service and weddings management for this stately home wedding venue. Andrew spend most of his time at weddings, more staff are recruited and huge amounts of glassware, bar kit and equipment are bought to cope with demand.


Weddings, weddings and more weddings. When Andrew’s not running a wedding he’s either preparing or hosting a party or corporate event. This fuels an idea for a 40 foot cocktail bar at Stone Food & Drink Festival, which is a smash hit.


More weddings, more events including the first event held at Sugnall Walled Garden – a Gin and Tonic tasting (revolutionary at the time). A joint venture with The Lewis Partnership with their first ‘pop-up’ restaurant and piano bar at Stone Food & Drink festival. Old School commission a new version of their e-commerce website as signs of the recession weaken.


AW Wines wins the catering and bars contract for Europe's largest outdoor Shakespeare production held at Stafford Castle. More than 50 weddings and outside events take place including the Rioja Ball at Sugnall Walled Garden for Donna Louise Trust. Ben Jones joins (for the second time). Old School host their first mobile Gin Bar event.


Andrew perfects the mobile Gin bar idea and Gin Jamboree is born! AW Wines acquires the business of Sugnall Walled Garden and begins a 10 year project to develop the hospitality, catering and function business at this beautiful venue. Andrew spends most of his time in the garden now!


AWW organise their first Jazz & Blues Festival at Sugnall with acts like Jazz legend Digby Fairweather headlining. They open their ‘glamping site’ to wedding guests and in November set the world record for the largest Gin & Tonic tasting at the Kings Hall, Stoke. Old School Gin is launched...


Gin Jamboree takes to the road, with jamboree’s across the region from Blackpool to Birmingham nearly 30,000 people attended over the year. This included the first subterranean Gin Jamboree held in Peake Cavern, Derbyshire and known as “The Rave in a Cave”.

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Opened over a decade ago, the beautiful Old School House building at Tittensor is the home to AW Wines retail, wholesale and on-line business. Known as ‘the Tittensor Temple of Temptation’ it boasts an impressive collection of ‘hand-picked’ wines, spirits, gifts and craft beers.

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If you've ever wondered how Prosecco differs from champagne or New World sparkling wines differ from English fizz then the Festival of Fizz is a must for you. Each event is a celebration of all wines that ‘fizz’ and an easy fun way to experience the diversity of sparkling wines from all over the world.

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This rapidly expanding phenomenon sees AW Wines travel the length and breadth of the country promoting the ‘new-wave’ of artisan Gins in a cool, fun, festival style event. From small beginnings a few years ago, these Jamboree’s attract hundreds of visitors and usually sell out in a matter of days.

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